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Psychological Counselling and Nutritional Coaching Services

Harriet Falk is an English speaking Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychological Counsellor and Cultural Psychological Counselor for the following health  issues: 

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING: Psychological counselling services for emotional challenges in life such as:  stress, depression, anxiety, grief and other daily life's challenges . 

  • DEMENTIA SERVICES: Counselling services  and psychosocial interventions for people with dementia and their family care givers using: the NHS recommended cognitive stimulation therapy services.

  • COUNSELLING COUPLES: to enhance the couple's intimacy after infidelity, conflict or domestic violence, pre-marital counselling. 

  • DATING-COACHING: Are you struggling to find love?Has your partner been unfaithful? Your partner is not willing to make a commitment to you? Are you a single parent scared of dating. With my dating-coaching services, I can help you to find the right partner for you. Please contact me. 

  • INTERCULTURAL PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING: For families comprised of people from diverse backgrounds. 

  • INTERCULTURAL THERAPY AND INTECULTURAL COUNSELLING: Counselling people before they travel  to work in a country with people of another culture

  • SEX THERAPY: Offering sex therapy for issues such as premature / delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction issues, vaginismus and sexuality issues in older people . Please do note that sexual therapy does not  involve physical touch between the patient and therapist. Sexual therapy does not involve any sexual contact between the patient and therapist.  

  • HYPNO THERAPY SERVICES: To help clients stop smoking, or the use of hypno-birthing to relax expectant mothers during their pregnancy. 

  • NUTRITIONAL SERVICES:  Planning a sustainable strategy to enable patients to  lose weight  in a healthy manner. 


How are services offered:

I offer online services  via video calls, whatsapp calls or via  telephone calls. Alternatively I can offer you my services within the comfort of your own home if you live in the canton of Neuchâtel. 



Email  :

Tel:  +41 78 422 6681

SESSIONS: Each session lasts one hour. Fees are payable  by cash or TWINT .  Please cancel your appointment  at least 24 hours ahead of schedule to prevent being issued a missed appointement fee

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